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CEO’s Message

Heartfelt words of gratitude from CEO of Hanyu SK ETS.

CEO of Hanyu SK ETS Ui-myeong Lee

Thank you very much for your visit to Hanyu SK ETS Co., Ltd. 'Global Company sharing energy of hope and happiness' with Eco technology.

Hanyu SK ETS Co., Ltd. was first established as ZICOS, an industrial lubricant manufacturing and sales company, in 2001. Currently, Hanyu SK ETS spilt-up from Hanyu Energy to focus on specialty products such as industrial special lubricants with a philosophy of familism and mutually standard management and aims to become a global company to practice human respect, trustworthy, future-oriented management to share hope and happiness.

Hanyu SK ETS acquired a number of quality certifications such as ISO 9001&14001, IATF 16949, has been verified for its expertise. Hanyu SK ETS has built differentiated quality and know-how through continuous product R&D, technology, and service improvement. We are creating customer value with competitive products and quality service.

We deeply appreciate the support and encouragement of our customers by sharing happiness and sadness. We will continue to cooperate with each other with the soul of coexistence through communication of mutual respect and trust.

Based on core values (People-oriented, Honesty, Trust, Challenge), core competencies (Professional Manpower, Network, Customized Products, Differentiation in Technological Service), and Eco technology, Hanyu SK ETS will strive to become a wonderful social enterprise beyond a global company sharing hope and happiness by continuing to provide customers with unlimited trust and enthusiasm. Thank you.

CEO of Hanyu SK ETS Young-Soo Jang

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016